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About Us

Growing our Vision

 Triad Med Solutions, LLC offers residents various home care services throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas. Our VISION is to expand throughout the United States. We offer a variety of personalized care and treatment solutions to dialysis patients, especially those dialyzing at home, and work alongside them to understand their unique needs. We bring our services directly to your special place so you can enjoy your home's convenience and comfort and live a better life. "Home is where the heart is!"

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Get To Know Us

We are a company that values team effort and everyone working together to make a difference. Collaboration is more than communicating. Understanding and caring for one another brings a smile to everyone's face. We are an engaged community of healthcare individuals collaborating to improve the health of patients with kidney disease. 

 Our  Story

Triad Med Solutions, LLC is a Home Care company owned by females and was founded in Georgia. We are nurses who have dedicated years to different aspects of dialysis and have decided to step out in faith to provide health care services to home dialysis patients. We are empathetic to the renal population and understand their challenges. We have various nursing degrees, from Bachelor's to Doctorate, and believe in caring for the total person. Our Core Values are; Loyalty, Acceptance, Fulfillment, Continuous Improvement, Principle, and Integrity. We promise always to collaborate, communicate and cooperate with you as our valued clients.

Image by Alexandra Gorn
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